4 Ways Families Can Ease Anxiety Together

Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health concerns for Americans today. Sustained anxiety can contribute to or develop an anxiety disorder, particularly for kids. Families can bond through stress-relieving activities, also improving family bonds at the same time. The following are four activities that can help:

  1. Show gratitude daily to help foster happiness and a more positive outlook. When a person feels stressed or anxious, it is easier to overlook the positive aspects of life. By doing this activity daily, it helps keep things in perspective. You can each talk about something you are grateful for over a meal, have a board that everyone writes on as they think about why they are grateful, or make a family journal. You can also express gratitude toward a significant other to help keep your bonds strong.
  2. Get artistic together. Have painting, Play Doh, crayons, or whatever else that is age appropriate for your family and spend time working on projects at the same time. Drawing and painting are a great way to express emotions and to start working through the negative ones, as well as highlighting the positives. Children in particular will feel pride and happiness in their artwork, and it is a time to really appreciate their abilities or to help them. Coloring is also a great activity for adults, and gives everyone a chance to focus on a project and talk if they want to, although it isn’t compulsory.
  3. Help develop fantasy play that engages your child’s mind. It is a great way for them to relieve stress and feel actively engaged in an activity that takes them out of whatever is bothering them. It isn’t healthy for children to start focusing on the problems without release. Fantasy play, like in forts or playing characters from movies, can help them better focus later. It’s also important for teens, though it can be a bit more of a challenge. Games like Charades or Pictionary can help activate more creativity and have fun.
  4. Exercise together to bond and help get healthy as a family. Exercise helps reduce anxiety, release stress, increase focus, and give a sense of accomplishment, as well as being physically beneficial. Just 15 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise can reduce depression and anxiety.

If you would like more details on how you and your family can help each other deal with anxiety, check out 4 Ways Families Can Ease Anxiety Together

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