5 Health Care Checkups for Your Child before School Starts

As students and parents prepare for school to resume, there are a number of checkups that should be done to ensure your child is healthy and ready for the coming year. The article recommends the following five checkups before school starts or early in the school year.

  1. Have your child undergo the routine screening and physicals to determine if anything is required.
  2. Immunization is something you should check to make sure your child meets the requirements for school. If it is time for updates, it is best to know that before your child is in school.
  3. Dental screening, especially after a summer with more sweets and activities.
  4. Vision screening to make sure your child doesn’t need glasses or corrective vision help before they need to look at the blackboard.
  5. Mental health checks are recommended, especially after the last few years where kids can be anxious or nervous about the new school year.

If you have a child starting school soon, you can read the full article at 5 Health Care Checkups for Your Child before School Starts.

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