7 Ways to Stay Healthy (and Sane) during the Fall Coronavirus Surge

The arrival of fall and a surge in coronavirus cases has left many people feeling depressed and stressed as they deal with the onset of a darker time of the year and pandemic fatigue. It is also typically considered the beginning of flu season. The article looks at seven things people can do to help themselves be safer and happier over the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the two darker seasons of the year.

  1. To protect yourself from both COVID-19 (and possibly the flu), continue to wear masks, socially distance, and wash your hands. Even though we’ve been doing it for months – and many of us are tired of hearing it – these are easy measures that significantly reduce risks of contracting two viruses. Only gather with people in a small social circle, not in large groups. Continue to wear masks and socially distance even when you are with this small group.
  2. Pay attention to your mental health. This is something that people should be cognitive of every year at this time because people are more likely to feel emotionally and mentally negative as the nights get longer and the days colder.
  3. Know your risks based on your location, activities, and time away from home. The article recommends using the app so you are more aware of the risks when you leave home. This can help you catch the illness early if you contract it.
  4. It does seem safer to meet people outside, but that does not mean that you can’t contract the illness. Given that it will be colder, many people will want to meet around things like open fires, which will probably mean they stand closer together. Meeting outside in the colder seasons is more difficult than in the warmer months, so proper measures need to be taken when meeting with groups.
  5. Be careful about how you meet up with your small group. We have a tendency to drop our guard when we are around people we care about. Make sure to continue to use recommended social distancing, masks, and hand washing whenever you spend time with people you don’t live with.
  6. Don’t drop your guard during the holidays. Over the next few months are the holidays that traditionally have been dedicated to family and friends. Like the previous tip, this one is a reminder to be careful during all gatherings, particularly if you are around people who are more susceptible to coronavirus or the flu.
  7. As inconvenient as the safety precautions are, it is a small change that can save your life. Remembering why you need to be careful can help to make the changes not feel so bad.

Notice that none of these suggestions say to completely avoid being around people. Just be careful about how you socialize away from your home. To see the full details of ways you can stay positive, read 7 Ways to Stay Healthy (and Sane) during the Fall Coronavirus Surge.

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