Active Yoga May Help Relieve Depression Symptoms

Depression is a common mental disorder and is currently the leading global cause of disability. It is a mental disorder that can affect every aspect of a person’s life, and sufferers may also have other mental issues, further compounding the symptoms of depression. Depression may also result from physical ailments or injuries. Medical professionals often recommend physical activities to help reduce depression symptoms, but it can be very difficult to force yourself to do most types of exercise when feeling depressed. Active yoga offers a way of reducing the depths of the depression without having to leave home. Based on the results of several studies, the physical movements can reduce symptoms compared to those who are more sedentary. Active yoga is low impact but still provides essential physical movement to help get the patient moving. It also has a focus on breathing and meditation, which can disrupt negative thinking. Mindfulness is often recommended for a number of mental disorders, primarily mood disorders.

The primary study reviewed 80 different trials that included active yoga. The researchers narrowed their focus to 13 studies with participants who were at least 18 years old with a diagnosis that included at least one mental disorder and a treatment that included active yoga. The two primary mental disorders that benefited from active yoga were depression and schizophrenia. Additional studies found that extra yoga sessions further reduced the symptoms of those disorders.

Further studies are needed to determine both how and why active yoga is able to reduce the symptoms of depression. By determining if the physical activity or mindfulness is more effective, medical professionals can offer a more focused approach to active yoga to enhance its benefits.

For more details about the studies included in the research and the direction the researchers would like to see future studies take, check out Active Yoga May Help Relieve Depression Symptoms.

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