Award Winning Artificial Kidney Is a Biomedical Breakthrough

San Francisco’s Kidney Project recently created an artificial kidney that has initially been effective in preclinical trials, which means that it hasn’t been tested in a person. Testing in humans will be set for a later time if it continues to be successful in animal trials. The progress has been a collaborative effort across the US. The artificial kidney is meant for patients going through kidney failure, and it removes the toxins that are in the blood using semiconductor membranes. The kidney will make it possible for patients to eat and drink a much wider range of options than they can currently consume. It also provides continuous treatment, making patients feel more optimistic about the future outcome. The prototype is also able to produce urine. If the new breakthrough works, it could also improve the chance of people surviving since they will not be as reliant on kidney donation.

You can read more about the breakthrough at Award Winning Artificial Kidney Is a Biomedical Breakthrough. You can also watch the short video about the breakthrough and what they hope to achieve in the future.

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