Chronic Foot Pain Is No Fun. Get Relief with This Simple Routine

For those who suffer from regular foot and ankle pain, stretches for the calves and hamstrings can help alleviate the pain. When calf muscles become tense, they can reduce the ankle’s flexibility range, as well as causing problems for the lower limbs. By exercising and stretching your ankles and feet, including engaging the calves, you can reduce pain in your ankles and feet. The following five exercises can help you if you suffer from chronic foot pain, making sure to exercise each foot separately until the last exercise.

  1. Flex and point your foot
    1. Sit down and stretch your leg.
    2. Flex your foot, bringing the toes toward you.
    3. Hold the position for five seconds.
    4. Extend the foot, pointing your toes away from you.
    5. Hold the position for five seconds.
    6. Repeat these two movements five more times.
  2. Flex the balls of your feet
    1. Repeat 1b to 1c.
    2. Push the ball of your feet forward, stretching your calf.
    3. Point your toes.
    4. Hold for five seconds.
    5. Repeat five times.
  3. Clock circles to rotate the ankles.
    1. Flex the foot with the toe pointing toward 12 o’clock.
    2. Rotate the foot in a clockwise direction until your toes are pointing toward 12 o’clock again.
    3. Repeat the full rotation another four more times.
  4. Ankle rotation
    1. Stretch your leg out and point your toes up.
    2. Turn your foot outward.
    3. Hold for five seconds.
    4. Rotate your foot 180 degrees.
    5. Hold for five seconds.
    6. Repeat another four times.
  5. Toe curls
    1. Relax your feet.
    2. Curl them like you are trying to pick up something small from the floor.
    3. Hold for five seconds.
    4. Relax your toes.
    5. Repeat this nine more times.

If you do these exercises in this order once every day, making sure to take your time to do them methodically, you can increase the range of motion for your ankle and improve joint flexibility. Always focus on the exercises as you do them. When you move your ankles intentionally, it ensures that you do the exercises correctly and without causing problems for later.

If you want the full steps for the exercises, you can read them at Chronic Foot Pain Is No Fun. Get Relief with This Simple Routine.

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