Companies Are Helping Workers Improve Their Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Most people make New Year’s resolutions, but given that people are likely to be a lot more relaxed between the end of November and the end of the year, the articles recommend getting started on the healthier resolutions. There are a growing number of employers providing a wider range of mental and physical initiatives that can help employees get healthier over the holidays. With a large number of companies offering assistance with gym memberships, creating a trend where people stop by the gym on their way home. This isn’t a new trend, and it has been dubbed “commuting cardio” since it builds exercise into the daily routine. With more people working remotely now though, the time for people to work out is now about noon, showing that more people are taking a break in the middle of the day. Instead of building exercise into their commute, they are working exercise into a part of the day when people tend to be more sedentary. For people who do go into an office, roughly 39% exercise on the way to work, while 57% stop to work out on the way home. Both groups have reported that exercise has become a way to better manage stress, and exercise made employees more motivated after the workout.

Exercise is also being looked at as a way to help people better connect with their coworkers. With some employees having been hired during the lockdown and others reporting feeling disconnected after a long time out of the office, some employers are looking at exercise classes that can be done online. Even when not working out in person, employees felt closer to their coworkers, in addition to feeling more motivated.

If you are interested in getting the details of what is being done to help employees be healthier, you can check out the full article at Why Wait for the New Year? “Commuting Cardio Is Back” and Companies Are Helping Workers Improve Their Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

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