Digital Tool to Assess Mental Health Is Being Piloted for Emergency Physicians

In an effort to detect potential signs that a healthcare professional is heading towards burnout, a new app is being developed that will track the daily mood of medical professionals. The project is being conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and its Department of Emergency Medicine with the startup Rose. Rose has been developing the app based on the knowledge of the medical professionals. The app is meant to provide a way of detecting those medical professionals whose responses indicate they are at a higher risk of burnout. It then provides customized interventions to those at risk. The data on the participants is then sent back to mental professionals who would review the progress to determine how effective the proactive measures are.

While the pandemic has put additional strain on healthcare professionals, it is an industry where there is always a high level of stress. The pandemic simply highlighted the need to better address the mental issues that medical professionals face. The University of North Carolina has been working on a similar app  called Heroes Health to provide a weekly self-assessment.

This initiative was started specifically for the challenges posed by COVID-19. To better care for emergency responders, The University of North Carolina wanted to help improve their mental health. This has more far reaching results because taking care of the first responders’ mental health ensures better health care for patients. The apps are new, so a lot more research is required to determine how effective these efforts are. Over time, it could provide a better way of managing medical professional and making sure they do not suffer burnout even under more normal situations.

For more details on the apps and some screenshots, read the full article on Digital Tool to Assess Mental Health Is Being Piloted for Emergency Physicians.

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