Have That Coffee after Breakfast Especially If You Had a Bad Night’s Sleep, Research Suggests

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can help people after a night of restless sleep, but researchers are suggesting that people eat before they drink. Coffee likely increases blood sugar, which can contribute to heart disease and diabetes. This is based on a small study with 29 men and women conducted over a few weeks. The participants had one regular night of sleep, then were asked to drink something high in sugar before eating. After a few days, the participants returned and were woken from slumber a few times over the course of the night. 

They then were given a sugary drink before eating the next morning. After a few more days, the participants returned for another disrupted night’s sleep, then were given coffee first, then a sugary drink 30 minutes later. The same sugary drink was used for each morning with roughly the same calorie count as a typical breakfast. The participants did not show a significant change in their blood sugar levels between the two nights of sleep. When they consumed coffee prior to drinking the sugary drink, their glucose response to the drink was only about 50%. 

This suggests that coffee hinders the body’s response to the sugar in a person’s breakfast. It was surprising to see that one night of disrupted sleep wasn’t as detrimental as it was thought, though this was a very small sample, so more research is required. The primary conclusion from the study was that people should wait to drink that first coffee until about an hour after breakfast.

For more details from the study, check out Have That Coffee after Breakfast Especially If You Had a Bad Night’s Sleep, Research Suggests.

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