How Augmented Reality Headsets Are Transforming Spine Surgeries

Medical professionals have been looking for better, safer ways to provide care, particularly for the spine since it is vital to people being able to move. With over 16 million people in the US reporting chronic back pain annually, spinal surgery is incredibly common as a way of relieving pain. A system has been designed that can generate an image of a patient’s spine prior to beginning the operation. The patient lies down on the table, then the system creates the image that the medical professionals present can review the image prior to and as they are operating. Traditionally, they have referred to projected x-rays as a way to help them place instruments where they needed to be. During the procedure, surgeons have to look up at the x-rays, then back down. The new system includes augmented reality headsets that allow surgeons to keep their eyes on the operation instead of having to look away as they work.

The article covers a specific case where the patient experienced significant improvement following treatment with this technology. The surgeon who worked on the patient reported that the operation took less time and was more efficient with the improved ability to focus on what was in front of him. This also benefits the patient as they spend less time under anesthesia.

You can learn more by reading the full article at How Augmented Reality Headsets Are Transforming Spine Surgeries. It includes a short video with a real case of a patient who benefited from the new technology, showing how patients are greatly benefiting from changes in the system.

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