How Machine Learning Is Helping Consumers Take Action on Their Health

Health care professionals have been touting the idea of machine learning (ML) as a way of improving services for years. It allows health care professionals to collect information from their data and to use that data to provide better services. ML is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can more quickly process data than a person, speeding up tasks like claims. The article gives three primary ways that ML can improve health care.

  1. ML can determine the best way to reach each health care member to be contacted. This means that fewer types of communication can be used while increasing the number of people who engage in the regular health care programs. For example, people are often contacted by their providers to be reminded of regular checkups, flu shots, or screenings. ML can determine which method will best reach people, then contact them through that method instead of sending multiple communications
  2. ML systems can determine the right tone of the communication and how much depth each person prefers to provide communication that will resonate with health care customers. By using a person’s preference, it increases the odds of them actually following through with their health care needs.
  3. The more personalized approach increases customer satisfaction and improves retention.

If you are interested in seeing a more detailed account of how ML can help improve your healthcare experience, you can read the full article at How Machine Learning Is Helping Consumers Take Action on Their Health.

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