How to Be Safe During Home Workouts

Working out at home is incredibly popular and with the New Year coming up, there will very likely be an uptick in people trying to be healthier. This significantly increases the odds that people will injure themselves, particularly their backs. To help reduce the chance that you will end up doing more harm than good, this article examines the ways to safely exercise from home.

  • Clean your workout area, especially since most people aren’t able to dedicate a space in their homes to just working out. You need to make sure there is nothing in the way and that you can have a full range of motion without striking an object or walls. If you plan to do exercises like lunges, make sure that your path is completely clear; you should not be working around a coffee table or other furniture. Also check that you won’t be hitting the ceiling if you are lifting weights or jumping rope.
  • Dress appropriately. As tempting as it will be just to workout in whatever you are wearing, it tends to limit your mobility and movements, increasing the likelihood that you will unnecessarily strain your body. If you are doing high intensity exercises, wear sneakers and make sure your feet and ankles are supported. You can even be barefoot, depending on the surface and the exercise that you are doing, but do not wear shoes that weren’t made for exercising, like sandals, flip flops, and slippers.
  • Make sure to take the time to warm up and cool down to bookend the workout session. Even if you are doing strength exercises and yoga, you need to stretch the muscles before working them, especially after a day of being sedentary.
  • Keep your cell phone nearby in case you get hurt. If possible, have your phone on your person in case you end up on the floor.
  • Exercise outside if possible. Exercising outside is much better for a person’s mental health. There are fewer distractions, better scenery (for most people), and the natural light is good for your eyes.

To get the details to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or overwork your muscles, you can read the full article at How to Be Safe During Home Workouts.

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