‘Know Your Back Story’ Campaign to Help People Suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain Hits Florida

Pain in the lower back is more common than any other reported ailment, including arthritis. Despite this, a vast majority of people don’t know that the source of the pain could be caused by an enlarged ligament. Based on the findings of the Harris Poll, Mobility Matters: Low Back Pain in America, a Mobility Index was created to see how people’s mobility changes from their 50s through their 70s when they suffer from lower back pain. Those who fall short of the expected mobility for their age are encouraged to seek the help of a specialist in spine health to determine the problem causing the reduced mobility.

This has led to the creation of a campaign that is trying to raise awareness of the problem called Know Your Back Story. It helps people to understand lower back problems, such as lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). This campaign reached Florida in July of 2022, a state known for having a high number of retired citizens who could likely benefit from a greater understanding of the source of their pain.

LSS is a significant problem as it is a condition where the spinal canal in the lower back becomes narrow and compressed nerves in the lower back. The primary cause for the narrowing is having an enlarged ligament in the lower back. It can be harder to diagnose as people have different symptoms for the problem and with different degrees of pain. The mobile campaign is bringing in local spinal doctors to help people start to find the right doctor for them. Doctors talk about the first types of treatment, such as physical therapy. They also talk about what can be done if the pain persists.

While this is currently happening in Florida, you can learn about your lower back problems by reading the article at ‘Know Your Back Story’ Campaign to Help People Suffering from Chronic Low Back Pain Hits Florida.

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