Medical Breakthrough Shows TSLP Cytokine Protein Could Help People Lose Weight by “Sweating” Fat

A research team working at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine were researching ways to treat or stop Type 2 diabetes through the use of the protein TSLP. The research was conducted using obese mice with the disease. During the process, the researchers saw that TSLP facilitated the release of more lipids through the mice’s skin. Taku Kambayashi, who is leading the team, talked about how this was an unexpected outcome. Without changing the mice’s diet or exercise levels, researchers realized that the mice were losing weight after four weeks of the injections. The mice in the control group continued to gain weight while the treated mice lost almost half of their weight over a 28 day period. Initially, researchers thought the injections were making the mice sick. As they examined what was happening, they realized that the mice were eating more and had energy levels that were comparable to the untreated mice.

The researchers are unsure if a similar treatment, which releases sebum much faster, might work on people. They are currently developing hypotheses about how it could work.

To learn more about this fascinating breakthrough, you can read the full article at Medical Breakthrough Shows TSLP Cytokine Protein Could Help Lose Weight by “Sweating” Fat.

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