Road Rage Can Overcome Even the Best Drivers. Here’s How to Keep Your Cool While Driving

Now that it is summer, there is a lot more traffic on the road, meaning there are more drivers who could potentially upset you. It doesn’t matter how adept you are at driving, when dealing with people driving erratically or clearly not focusing on driving, it can cause stress. Often that stress results in anger. If you are already upset or stressed, this can result in road rage, no matter how mellow you are most of the time. Road rage is when the driver responds aggressively to other drivers. This can result in speeding to cut off the car in response, or in some of the most dangerous cases, trying to get the person to pull over to fight about their actions. These are all horrible reactions because it exacerbates the problem and can result in serious injury or death.

Like online activity, anonymity helps to let emotions spiral well beyond what is reasonable. This often leads to people acting out in ways that would usually be considered out of character for them as they can be more aggressive in that anonymity. They may feel in the moment that there won’t be repercussions, something that they may feel at the time, even if they know that cutting someone off or slamming on their brakes can cause an accident.

It is possible to calm your emotional reactions by being more aware of how you react. If you are prone to getting angry or if you are upset when you start driving, take a deep breath before you start your car. If you experience bad drivers, take a deep breath before you allow yourself to do anything to retaliate. Take a moment to think about the fact that it isn’t personal and the person isn’t a bad person just for this one action. After all, we’ve all done something similar while driving, and we realize that we have made a mistake. Extend that same sentiment to the other driver. Listen to calm music, a story, or a calming podcast (not something that is going to make you emotional). Look to see what traffic is like before you start your car, and if your usual route has more traffic, take an alternate route to reduce the likelihood that you will encounter people more likely to make mistakes on the road.

If you are aware that you have a problem with road rage, work on a strategy to minimize how upset you get. Besides avoiding traffic and listening to calming music or podcasts, start taking deep breaths when driving and work to adjust how you think about other drivers. It will take time, but it is worth it to reduce the likelihood you will do something you’ll regret on the road. Learn to not let someone else’s mistake or bad driving ruin your day. It will go a long way to helping you deal with your emotions while on the road.

Driving can cause a lot of stress, so if you are interested in getting more details, you can read the full article at Road Rage Can Overcome Even the Best Drivers. Here’s How to Keep Your Cool While Driving. There is even a podcast on the page to help you understand your own road rage.

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