Spinal Health

The last week of May is considered Spinal Health Week in Australia, in large part to make people more aware of a problem that affects between 70 and 90% of the population. Spinal pain causes reduced productivity, missed work, and lowers the quality of life of the sufferer. During an Australian survey, nearly a third of participants admitted to losing some mobility because of the pain. A lot of modern activities, like sitting at a desk or in front of the TV contribute to the problem. Over exertion and injuries are also common causes for the pain.

The cause may vary, so it is best to take a more individualized approach. Talk to your physician to determine the right way to help alleviate your pain. Your doctor will have you do some exercises to determine what could be causing the problem so that you can tailor the approach to change your habits. This includes things like posture checks to see where you put the most stress when you sit and how you can adjust that position to reduce pain.

Even if you have a healthy back, talking to a medical professional can help ensure that your back remains healthy. This can help you be a part of the minority of people who will make it through life with a healthy back.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help control your pain through more natural means, read the full article at Spinal Health Week.

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