Tea Drinkers Enjoy Possible Health Benefits, Study Suggests

There is a constant discussion about how healthy or unhealthy tea is to drink, with caffeine being the most frequently cited reason for it being a problem. However, a recent observational study found a correlation between tea and longevity. It is known that tea can help to reduce inflammation, with numerous studies in Japan and China where green tea is a popular drink. According to a new study conducted by the US National Cancer Institute in the UK, where black tea is famously popular with the general population. People were observed over a 14-year period, and the researchers took a number of habits and risk factors into account. People who drank two or more cups of tea daily had a lower death rate than those who didn’t drink tea. Drinking one cup a day did have a similar benefit, but it wasn’t as significant. The risk of death assessed was not specific to any one cause, but it was noted that heart disease did seem to be less common in the tea drinkers. The study did not see any significant difference for tea and non-tea drinkers for death caused by cancer.

Though the study was observation, it does provide a reason to relax and enjoy drinking a cup of tea. If you would like to check out the full article, you can read it at Tea Drinkers Enjoy Possible Health Benefits, Study Suggests.

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