The 7 Most-Important Nutrients for Healthy Skin

As summer nears, taking care of your skin is really important. It is just as important to be careful about what you consume to properly take care of the skin as it is to be careful of what we put on our skin, and what we consume can be obvious by looking at our skin. It is the biggest organ a person has, making it fairly clear when someone is not eating healthy. To properly take care of the skin requires more than creams and lotions. People need to consume enough fatty acids and water to keep skin from getting too dry. The following seven nutrients are important to keep your biggest organ healthy.

  1. Protein is essential for your skin, just like you need protein for your muscles. Your skin is made up primarily of protein, so you need to consume enough protein to keep your skin healthy too so it doesn’t take proteins from other organs, like your muscles.
  2. Vitamin E is considered a fatty antioxidant, and is often used for cuts and other breaks on the skin. However, it is helpful when consumed as well since it helps combat the effects of UV lights. Vitamin E is found in healthy fats.
  3. Biotin is typically associated with hair, nails, and skin because it helps your body convert food to energy. When you don’t get enough of Biotin, you can likely tell by your nails and hair being more brittle. Eggs and bananas are rich in Biotin.
  4. Vitamin C is something most of us know is required to be healthy (without enough of it, people can get scurvy). Since it is water soluble, it is best to eat foods with Vitamin C raw instead of boiling or cooking it first.
  5. Collagen is something that weakens as we age, and that process can be sped up by UV light. Meat is full of collagen, but if you are a vegetarian, you should eat dark leafy foods (like spinach and kale). Foods rich in vitamin C also have Collagen.
  6. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for many reasons, including being beneficial for skin. It can help moisturize your skin. It is in fish, olive oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts.
  7. Water is a substance that you should already be aware will help you through the summer. Your skin is just one of many reasons why you need to make sure you stay hydrated.

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