The Top Health Issues That Affect Men

The unfortunate tendency for men to ignore their health until there is a health problem is both a longstanding punch line and a serious problem. Being more proactive about health will help you stay healthy for longer or to catch potential problems early. This article covers what men should expect when visiting the doctor on a regular basis.

Wellness checks should be a regular part of the schedule, even if you feel healthy. During these visits, doctors monitor things like blood pressure and sleep issues that could be a sign of heart disease. Doctors can recommend actions to take to counter potential issues. Heart health is a primary concern for regular wellness checks, particularly for men. Wellness checks have a different focus over the different decades of a man’s life.

During their 20s men should discuss stress to ensure it is being properly managed. Testing for STDs should be done during these visits, as well as a weight check. Doctors often start checking for testicular cancer during this time, but it is important to bring up any lumps or pain in the region during this time if a check is not done. During their 30s, men will discuss heart health and risk factors to improve their choices to ensure they are healthier as they age. Stress management is often discussed, as well as mental health as this period can be very stressful.
During their 40s, men will discuss heart health in more detail, especially as potential issues usually start to show by this point. Erectile dysfunction can start during this time, and it can be a sign of heart problems. Some men may be recommended for colon cancer screens during this decade, and most men should be getting them by 45 years of age. During their 50s and 60s, men will continue to be assessed for heart and cancer risks, with the introduction of the prostate cancer screens and diabetes checks usually starting during this decade. For smokers (whether current or former), lung screenings usually begin during this time too.

From 70 on, the same screenings continue, and often discussions of sexual health. It is often recommended to have mental health assessments. For more details, you can read the full article at the Top Health Issues That Affect Men.

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