This Women-Led Company Is Tackling Women’s Health with New Resources

Women tend to have problems with incontinence, sometimes because they are pregnant or simply as the result of aging. Part of the problem is with the pelvic floor, which can be weakened by, during and after pregnancy, and definitely weakens as people age. There are specialists who can help women and acupuncture is also an effective treatment. The women working at Attn: Grace have started a company to produce eco-friendly products to address the problem, as well as creating a platform that can help to open discussion about the issue. The platform includes a library about existing resources and professionals who can help. The founders of the company feel this will help many women who have problems, as well as giving them  a place to discuss the problems women face. 

It will help them to better prepare for bladder leaks, especially if they are doing something like traveling with an elderly female relative or a pregnant woman. The products come in kits, making it easy to have everything needed when traveling. However, as the author of the piece points out, most women don’t really talk about bladder leaks (something that is nearly an inevitability for women), so they want to provide a place where women can learn more about the problem and get help.

The founders pointed out that most women fall into one of two mindsets about incontinence: either considering it normal or just embarrassing. Both of these ways of thinking about bladder leaks prevents them from seeking help. Bladder leaks aren’t something that people have to consider acceptable. Even if they can’t be cured, bladder leaks can be significantly reduced through treatment. This  will ultimately improve quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more, check out This Women-Led Company Is Tackling Women’s Health with New Resources.

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