PI Voice Mail 1

Hi <Attorney’s First Name>

My name is Erin OConnell, I’m a registered nurse with OConnell and Associated. I know you are busy, so I will get straight to the reason for my call, which is to set up an appointment with you.

I assist attorneys with the critical task of identifying future care needs and their associated costs for your legal cases involving chronic pain, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputations, cerebral palsy, birth injuries, and burn injury cases. Our life care planners are all US based nurses who understand the US medical system and have been identifying future medical care needs and their associated costs to firms for over 5 years.

What is your current method to identifying projected future care needs and their associated costs for your settlement purposes or for trial?  I would love to have a quick 10-minute telephone call, and I can share some strategies of how we have helped other firms.  Again, this is Erin with OConnell and Associates, and I can be reached at 412-608-4346.  I know you are busy so if I do not hear from you, I will try again next week.  Thank you for your time <Attorney’s First Name> and I look forward to speaking with you soon.