Will Neurosurgeons Take over Spine?

Orthopedic surgeons have been increasingly more engaged in the more specialized spine surgery, to the point where there is a growing move for a neurosurgery program. Of 4,956 American neurosurgeons, some are focusing more on spinal disorders instead of on nerve and brain conditions that have typically been the focus of neurosurgeons. Some medical professionals suspect that in the future most spine surgery will be conducted by neurosurgery, and as a result more neurosurgery residents are learning spinal procedures. This will be a change from the orthopedic surgeons who have traditionally performed these surgeries. Neurospine surgeons are spending an increasing amount of time focused on spine surgery, better 60 and 70% of their time as residents. Today, Spine procedures are done by neurosurgical residents about 3.6 times more often than orthopedic surgery residents. Based on research published in 2015, this has not shown a significant difference in the surgery results between the two different types of surgeons. The article concludes that a more comprehensive training approach that combines training programs would be the most beneficial to patients.

To learn more, check out Will Neurosurgeons Take over Spine? https://www.beckersspine.com/spine/item/52700-will-neurosurgeons-take-over-spine.html

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