You Can Now Expand Your Sensory Experience. It’s All in the Wrist

The company Buzz recently created a wrist watch that provides a way to feel the sounds around the wearer. The target audience is people who are either deaf or hard-of-hearing, but anyone can purchase the wristband. The maker of the wristband has translated more than 29,000 recognizable patterns based on the sounds around the device. This allows people who have problems with hearing to be able to recognize when someone has knocked on the door or rung the doorbell, know when a baby is crying, and if there are sirens nearby. It can even help to translate the emotion conveyed by a person’s voice.

There are several different settings that the wearer can adjust according to their situation. For example, they can adjust the wristband at night so that they are only awakened by emergency sensations instead of the many nightly sounds that are likely to disturb them every night. There is also a component for developers to work on adding new sounds and streams to the device.

For more information on this innovative device, check out You Can Now Expand Your Sensory Experience. It’s All in the Wrist.

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