Your Health: A Toothpaste Designed to Save Your Heart

Gum disease is a common problem among adults, and more people are likely to have it as they age. The link between gum disorders and heart problems has led researchers to look into developing a toothpaste that will reduce gum disease, thereby reducing heart conditions. The rapid buildup of plaque and bacteria is believed to be a contributor to strokes and cardiovascular disease. A orthodontist hoped to develop the unique toothpaste, and he called it PlaqueHD. When a person brushes their teeth, PlaqueHD leaves green on the plaque that was not removed from the teeth. That allows the person to go back and remove the remaining plaque. 

Clinical trials showed that the toothpaste helped to reduce C-Reactive protein levels (indicator of the likelihood of heart disease and stroke) by 30 to 50%. While there is no proof that treating gum disease will reduce risks, the potential good that it could do is based on the known link between gum and heart disease is compelling. 

You can check out more details and watch a short video about this new type of toothpaste at Your Health: A Toothpaste Designed to Save Your Heart.

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